Beefy chops Benny Bully's 15 gr for cats

Product Code:BBB15CHA

Benny Bully's Beefy Chops™ Cat Treats Benny Bully's Beefy Chops™ SPECIALLY SIZED MORSELS FOR CATS NOW IN ATTRACTIVE RESEALABLE PACKAGING! BENNY BULLY’S BEEFY CHOPS™ NUTRITIOUS, PURE AND NATURAL The same, highly palatable freeze dried pet treat as the familiar Benny Bullys Liver Chops®. Processed from federally inspected filleted and butchered pure beef meat sections. The Benny Bullys Beefy Chops™ Difference 100% PURE BEEF MEAT SECTIONS Not formed or processed. Easy to use pieces individually diced in small cubes for dog training or for cat's smaller mouths. Pure & natural whole beef with no additives or preservatives. Contains natural vitamins & minerals for healthy skin & coat. No offensive odor to humans, digestible, made from real meat. Freeze dried pure beef for maximum palatability. NO ADDITIVES, FILLERS, COLORS, PRESERVATIVES Benny Bully's is hand selected from government inspected meat sections originating in USA and/or Canada for the health conscious pet owner. The source meats originate in the country they are sold in. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.
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